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the Pizza Foundation in Marfa town town Do Your Thing coffee Cafetaria Comida Futura - the outside of the Pizza Foundation Marfa Radio station town restaurant Maiya's and cafe Padres Frama coffee and ice cream blue tables at the Pizza Foundation Livingston's Livingston's Do Your Thing coffee Do Your Thing coffee the Pizza Foundation Ballroom cultural art space Ballroom cultural art space Thunderbird Hotel Thunderbird Hotel Food Shark Food Shark Cast and Crew shop - owner Susannah Lipsey in her shop Freda Eugene Binder temporary shop Marfa Bookstore owner Cody Barber in his Cast and Crew shop - Adrian Bernal in his bicycle repair and rental Cafetaria Comida Futura Food Shark Donald Judd Foundation Donald Judd Foundation Donald Judd's concrete blocks Lost Horse Saloon Lost Horse Saloon
Texas - Marfa